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Success Stories

Restructuring 3 Loans, Saving Approx. $700/month

Two property investors had interest rate reduced by over 1%, saving approx. $700 a month in repayments. Loans were also structured to enable them to purchase another investment in the next 2 years

Self Employed Loans Success With Extra $70K Borrowing Power

Mortgage Corp significantly increase a property investor’s borrowing power, resulting him getting a property with a much better investment potential.

Business Owners Secured Dream Warehouse Saving Approx. $2,000/Month

Mortgage Corp successfully negotiated a deal for two business owners at 80% LVR, allowing them to secure a warehouse and save approx. $2,000 per month

The Melbourne Mortgage Broker For Current & Future Property Investors

Mortgage Corp Specialises In Helping Successful Professionals And Property Investors Access Attractive Interest Rates, Minimise Loan Approval Red Tape, & Apply Strategic Loan Structuring For Long-Term Investment Success. Mortgage Tips

Strategic approach to loan serviceability, tax savings and wealth creation

Discounted premium interest rates, loan conditions and concierge service

Detailed, done-for-you service for busy professionals and property investors

Loan Strategy Session - 3rd Investment Success Story

Savvy Investor- Mortgage Corp Testimonial

Mortgage Corp Customer Review- First Time Investor

Mortgage Corp Review- Accountant

Mortgage Corp Review - Experienced Investors

Not All Mortgage Brokers Are The Same

While ordinary banks and mortgage brokers may be able to help you with general loans, they may not have the skills, experience or resources to genuinely help property investors maximise your long-term investment returns.

And sadly, some mortgage brokers seem more interested in merely signing new clients (because that’s where they earn their commission) than providing ongoing loan tracking and support to maximise your loan serviceability, tax savings and wealth creation.

Mortgage Industry Awards & Certifications

It’s nice to deal with a mortgage broker who is so cheerful, knowledgeable and prepared to explain things at length in a concept which is easily understood. Neil is always available and responds promptly to any requests sent. He is adaptable to any changes put forward and is genuinely interested in our best interest and I would have no hesitation in recommending Neil to any friends or relatives who are seeking the service of a mortgage broker


Neil – the service you provide is second to none, its like getting advice from a very good friend. You are always on hand to answer questions and give advice and make what is already a very stressful situation seem like a walk in the park. Being from overseas – deciding on where and what to buy is a hard enough decision – but you took all the head ache and hard work out of everything else! Thank you so much – I am nearly ready for the next one 🙂


Neil Carstairs from Mortgage Corp helped my husband and I achieve our dream of purchasing not only our dream home but gave us valued advice and guided us towards purchasing our investment properties. Neil values his clients and puts their needs first to achieve smooth transactions with financing institutions . Neil is not only an amazing Broker he has become a valued friend . I highly recommend Neil Carstairs from Mortgage Corp.


We have used Neil’s services twice since moving from New Zealand, Our first experience was when we purchased our house. Neil was very helpful in securing us our mortgage when we were turned down by our bank. He was very thorough in explaining to us the ins and outs of mortgages in Australia. Last year he also helped us to refinance at a much better rate. We would recommend Neil to anyone.